Lawley Marketplace

At Lawley Benefits Group, we understand that benefits administration poses multiple challenges. Not only do you need to keep a watchful eye on your company’s bottom line, but your employees are also looking for coverage that fits their needs. That’s why we created Lawley Marketplace, an online private benefits exchange that makes everyone happy and takes the hassle out of the benefits process.

More Control for Employers.

Lawley Marketplace allows companies to assign a fixed dollar contribution amount to an employee’s benefits package. That means you can better control and budget your benefit costs from year to year. Lawley Marketplace also comes with the tried-and-true customer service and expertise of Lawley Benefits Group, helping you with everything from educating employees to taking care of enrollment, year-long reporting, and more.

More Choices for Employees.

When it comes to benefits, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. That’s why Lawley Marketplace offers a wide array of coverage options—including health insurance, health savings account, dental insurance, life insurance, and more. The process is easy as online shopping: Employees log in to the website, compare coverage, and then make selections based on their health status, family size, and budget. They can also use their company contribution similar to a gift card within Lawley Marketplace, applying the funds to the level of coverage they need.

To learn more about the benefits of Lawley Marketplace and how the process works, please watch our short informational video.


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For employers, making sure that their employees have benefits options is important. Just as important, they need to understand what their choices are, and how these will impact everyday life for them and their families. Luckily, Lawley's Benefits Consultants are experts in developing on-site open enrollment presentations to facilitate this process for employers.

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