travel insurance

If you are planning a summer vacation, taking a cruise or riding a train across the country, make sure you look into travel insurance.

Setting out on vacation is an exciting process. What isn’t exciting is the thought of your trip getting canceled by an airline, your luggage getting lost, or having an accident either in or out of your home country.

But there’s good news! Travel insurance is an easy way to make sure unexpected situations that could ruin your vacation are covered. Here’s a brief overview about why purchasing travel insurance is so important:

  1. Travel insurance protects travelers of all kinds: From couples to retirees, anyone who purchases travel insurance will be covered before and during their trip.
  2. Location & duration: Different types of travel insurance plans are available for those traveling domestically or internationally. Also, trips of any length are protected (up to 12 months).
  3. Before the trip and beyond: Travel insurance coverage begins before you even leave for your trip and then continues through the length of your trip. Items covered can include:
    1. Last minute cancellation due to an illness
    2. Severe weather delays/cancellations
    3. Terrorist attacks
    4. Emergency medical attention/care
    5. Medical evaluations/doctor’s visits
    6. Missed connections while traveling
    7. Lost luggage or stolen baggage
    8. And much more!
  4. Get rid of worry: The topmost concerns for travelers are cancellation fees/reimbursements from deposits, medical coverage and lost personal belongings. With travel insurance, you can get rid of the worry and focus on the fun trip ahead of you.
  5. Facts to keep in mind: While traveling it is important to understand that your regular health insurance may not offer coverage while you are out of the country. Medicare does NOT offer any medical coverage outside of the U.S. Additionally, although some credit cards have some travel protection built into their contracts, they will not have all of the advantages of a third party travel protection plan.
  6. Why face scary “what if” scenarios?: If you were traveling, would you know what to do if you were in a car accident? If someone who you were with passed away? If you lose all of your luggage? All of these “what if” scenarios are reasons to purchase travel protection. You can have peace of mind while traveling and feel secure knowing you are covered IF anything were to happen.
  7. Cost: A travel insurance protection plan will be a fraction of the cost of a medical expense or evacuation. Not many people have $5,000 – $10,000 lying around to pay for emergency travel expenses. And with travel insurance, you won’t need to.
  8. Travel insurance comes with perks: Travel protection plans will come with benefits such as:
    1. Pre-trip advice on weather, inoculations, or visa requirements
    2. Emergency evacuation information
    3. U.S. embassy assistance and passport replacement
    4. Help with lost prescriptions
    5. Lost baggage location assistance
    6. Finding the closest medical facility acceptable to U.S. standards

At Lawley, we want to make sure all of our clients and anyone who travels is protected from these types of risk. Contact our professional team to help you learn about the benefits of having travel protection and safe travels!