Who wants to think about insurance when planning a wedding? We know your mind is focused on the dress, the shoes, the venue. But, wedding insurance plays an important role in making sure all of those details (and the money that paid for them) are protected for your perfect day. Here are five ways that wedding insurance can save your wedding:

Vendor Failure

30 percent of wedding insurance claim money spent is due to vendor failure. This includes scenarios like your wedding venue shutting down, your photographer getting sick, or having to reschedule a wedding if a major vendor backs out. A wedding insurance policy is a fraction of the cost of having to pay for another wedding or a last-minute vendor. (Statistic provided by Travelers)

Wedding Injury

It’s no secret, weddings are a big party that often involve a lot of drinking. So it shouldn’t be a secret that a lot of weddings can have injuries, and you could be held liable for those injuries. Wedding liability insurance can help you with those claims. Although commonly separate from a cancellation policy, liability insurance can usually be purchased in a bundle with the former policy.


16 percent of claim money is spent on extreme weather. This coverage will protect you against weather systems such as tornadoes and hurricanes or other atmospheric events that can prevent your guests or vendors from getting to the wedding. (Statistic provided by Travelers)

Medical Emergency

Your maid of honor has had a medical emergency, now what? Wedding insurance cancellation policies will cover your cost to reschedule if you, someone in your wedding party or your parents have a medical emergency.

Ruined Wedding Attire

Wedding attire is expensive. If something gets ruined or damaged, a wedding cancellation policy will commonly include attire protection to save you from having to pay for those garments twice.


If you are looking into purchasing wedding insurance, consult the Lawley Personal Insurance team today! We would love to help you protect your special day.