Protection Through Proactive Wellness

Changes to the Affordable Care Act have created new incentives for companies to offer wellness programs for their employees. Implementing or expanding HR wellness programs might be easier than you think with the Lawley Insurance employee wellness team, a group dedicated to setting up and maintaining wellness programs in companies of all sizes.

Proactive health management efforts is an opportunity to reduce the healthcare costs for your business while at the same time improving the health of employees. By effectively reducing the number of employees who are at risk of becoming chronically ill and managing the conditions of the chronically ill, the overall consumption of healthcare costs can be reduced.

Recognizing how significant this opportunity can be to you, we take a very proactive approach to helping you create an effective health management plan for your business. Our team of wellness experts will can create specialized programs that promote consistent, healthy behaviors at the workplace. From health education seminars and assistance in health fairs to the coordination of effective communications campaigns, the Lawley Benefits Group is your true health & employee wellness partner.

“New Era Cap started our Wellness journey with Lawley Benefits years ago. We’ve gone from simply emailing out nutritional facts monthly to a full comprehensive Wellness Program where employees can participate in weight loss challenges, walking programs and biometric screenings. Without Lawley’s guidance and expertise over the years, our company’ s Wellness Program would not be as successful as it has been. Julie Ciura and Carly Kennedy are professional,  innovative, and a great asset to our Wellness Team!” – Tracey Miller, Benefit Manager, New Era Cap


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