Self Insurance Without All Of The Risks

Do you feel left in the dark about where your health insurance costs go? Lawley’s health insurance captive program gives you transparency in claims data and the potential to save significantly for the healthcare costs you don’t use. For companies with 100 or more employees, a healthcare captive is a creative, self-insured health insurance solution without the risk of self-insuring on your own. As a member of our health insurance captive program, you gain Lawley’s in-house expertise in strategic planning, underwriting, analytics, reporting, health care reform, compliance, health management, corporate wellness and more.

In a health insurance captive, employer groups join together and share the advantages of being self-insured without the stand-alone risk. Your risk is mitigated by joining together with other like-minded employer groups to leverage size and predictability with an emphasis on wellness and disease management.

Why Choose a Health Insurance Captive?

  • Lower cost
  • Long-term pricing stability
  • Join a group of employers with common goals and objectives
  • Opportunity to learn best practices from members
  • Gain all the advantages of self-insurance

Health Insurance Captives and Loss Control

A health insurance captive program puts an emphasis on employee engagement for wellness and disease management. Our member organizations provide a robust corporate wellness program that includes significant incentives for employees that attend preventive screenings, are non-smokers and fall within certain health screening measurements. Lawley will help measure employee engagement and the effectiveness of corporate wellness programs as well as utilizing one-on-one lifestyle coaching to promote and engage members in healthy behaviors.

Understanding the funding layers of Lawley’s Health Insurance Captive

Stop Loss Protection
  • Insurance Company
  • Catastrophic Loss Protection
  • Fixed Cost
  • 13% of the Funding
Captive Layer Shared Risk Funds *
  • All Captive Member Companies
  • Disease Management
  • Fixed Cost *
  • 20% of the Funding
Employer Self-Funding *
  • My Company
  • Employer Self-Funding
  • Variable Cost *
  • 60% of the Funding

* Eligible for return to member company

See how a Health Insurance Captive has helped other businesses

Graphic Controls case study

Professional Services case study

“You have to be vigilant in your efforts to control costs and by joining a health insurance captive, Lawley gave us the tools to do it” – Sam Heleba, President & CEO – Graphic Controls

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